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Silicone craft vinyl weeding tool vinyl scrap collector finger ring

Brief Description:

- Different colors available. 

- Made of silicone material. 

- The solid silicone collector is practically unbreakable.

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Product Parameters

Product name   Silicone Vinyl Collector
Color selection  Rose,blue,pink, purple , green and so on
Logo  Accepted
Application  For collecting vinyl scraps while weeding
Material  Silicone
Packing   Poly bag

Porduct Features


Avoid the sticky vinyl pile-ups, and tidy up your crafting table with this vinyl weeding ring. With this weeding tool for vinyl, it can release your hand. Drag your vinyl scraps through the slits of the silicone crown with the most convenient waste basket on the market.


The vinyl weeding scrap collector ring grasps any size fingers without pinching your skin. Soft to touch. Sitting sturdy on top of your hand, you’ll never have to scrap this new habit.


The vents of the vinyl weeding tool force the scraps off of your pick. The sticky bits will fall into the silicone collector to stay until you are finished with your masterpiece.


Using masking tape to hold your scraps is a glue-to-glue situation, which just causes more of a mess. Using our vinyl weeding ring provides a non-stick surface for your scraps to cluster into a single ball.


Complete a section or finish the entire project! With the vinyl crafting tool, you’ll have one less mess to worry about. Fitting scraps into balls for easy removal, the anti-stick silicone makes taking scraps off of your weeding tools effortless.


The solid silicone collector is practically unbreakable.

Packing & Shipping

Product size  D52.7 x W56.6 x H58.6 mm
Color box size  No color box.
Carton size  According different packing requirement
Qty in carton  300pcs - 500 pcs
Net weight  31g per piece
Gross weight  According different packing requirement
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