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South African Client 1K Nail Practice Hand Production

After receiving the payment of 1K Nail trainer hand from client, we prepare the materials quickly, hand mould produced - logo printed - customized box - packing, every procedure goes so smoothly.

Client’s logo looks pretty and it is single color, we usually print one color or two colors. Client has her own company and mainly sell nails tools and other beauty products. It is a good wholesaler in Africa. The client also want to take our nail color display book, we will give her a sample for checking. Believe she will like it.

Production Process

Client saved time and picked proper solution, they are happy, we are also very happy. This is us - Unique. Unique deliver not only high quality nail products to clients, but also confidence and commitment. That’s why client can confirm order to Unique so fast and frankly.  

Our nail practice hand, 3.2mm built-in aluminum bones inside the finger can bend the fingers at various angles. Also it is durable enough to allow you to bend over 10,000 times and not as easy to broke as the other brands.The surface of the hand and fingers are made of high quality silicone, reuse your silicone hands over and over again to practice and test new styles of acrylic/gel polish/dipping powder/poly gel nail artwork. Compared with the other brands of practice hand, the nail tips will not fall off even you are practicing the nail drill with 35,000 RPM high speed. Come with 3 sizes total 150pcs nail tips.

So far, Unique have installed 6+ new to ensure capacity and capability. The price will be cheaper and the lead-time will be shorter as we will save much cost and improve the production efficiency greatly by using increasing lines. We can make around 5K pieces of nail practice hand every month.

Brown practice hand 6

Post time: Sep-13-2022